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3 Sweet Spots in Today's Real Estate Market!

Per the Atlanta REALTORS® Market Brief: March 2021, the state of the market is simple -- Demand is High, Supply is Low. As a result, the average sales price has increased 15.9% from the same time in 2020. While this may sound daunting as a buyer, here are the sweet spots...

  1. Do you have a home to sell? Your value, and thus your equity has appreciated. It is a great time to capitalize on your greatest investment! You may stand to receive quite a nice cash out! Yes, you may buy high, but you will sell high with consistently low interest rates to boost your buying power! If you are upgrading, this combination of selling high with low interest may give you just the opportunity you are looking for.

  2. Are you downsizing? If you can make the most of your investment by selling high with the goal of downsizing, you may be in the best position of all! You can use that extra cash for a dream vacation or your next wise investment!

  3. Are you looking to move further out? With work from home opportunities at an all-time high, it may just be the perfect time to consider a move further from the city. Take in the fresh air and beautiful homes, while enjoying typically lower sales prices in the more rural suburbs!


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